• What is the reason for our existence?
    • Improve the quality of life through practicing philanthropy via the best service, education of respectable medical personnel and creative research


  • What is our realizable dream?
    • The best medical institute in Yeungnam area with customer's trusts

Core Value

  • What are our creeds (values) to keep?
    • Customer satisfaction : Our existence is for the healthy life of customer, and we will become the professional, who tries the best at the position of customer.
    • Ownership : We will try the best for the development of individual and medical center.
    • Trust and collaboration : We will respect each others, and build the community culture for trust.
    • Change and innovation : We will practice consistent change and innovation based on professional knowledge.

We’d like to be part of seeing your children grow
We’d like to see the mesmerizing beauty of nature with you.
We’d like to spend The happiest time with you and your family
The force to build a better life
A tomorrow where everyone’s healthy
A whole new world that meets health and welfare
In the hands of Yeungnam University Medical Center
The medical center with the highest customer satisfaction and well deserving of your trust.
Yeungnam University Medical Center
The Yeungnam University Medical Center was established in 1979 achieving its merits through medical, education and research areas.
During process it went along with the flow of trends and changed.
In order to deliver top quality medical services
Went through various changes.
The very first , the very best and the one and only of its field in history, Yeungnam University Medical Center paved the path for recovery of all its patients.
Receiving top rating from the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
Becoming the new leap in technological development, Representing Medi City of Daegu.
In a medical industry where research achievements equal to the quality of medical service,
It has proved to be the very best in the medical industry
Walking towards a better future
Beyond being the first in the region, towards becoming the best nationwide
Yeungnam University Medical Center leap into a better service,
The focused intensive care, its specialization!
The very first in Daegu, Gyeongbuk, the Respiratory disease center,
Is dedicated to treating tuberculosis, refractory and chronic respiratory diseases.
With the most experienced medical staff for treatment and prevention
Are here to closely manage a healthier life for everyone.
The second nationwide, The first in the region to establish its own stroke center!
From being the very first in establishing a spine center and endoscopic retrograde treatments, the brain tumor center offers a multidisciplinary collaboration system, providing the patient with a focused and personalize care and treatment.
The very first step to effective prevention for a balanced and healthy later years-
The very first regional health promotion center is here for you
The very first integrated cancer diagnosing pet -mr device,
Is a hybrid imaging device for accurate diagnosis,
Maximizes the efficacy of diagnosis-treatment through complex process of diagnosis.
State of the art, 4th generation surgical robot system, DaVinci si,
Is able to differentiate in real time, the normal tissues from the cancerous ones.
Shortening the procedure, and increasing accuracy of the surgery
The 3-No treatment, No pain, No incision, No bleeding.
Is possible thanks to Novalis TX, an exceptional radiation cancer treatment
But apart from its state of the art medical technology.
Yeungnam University Medical Center offers full time professional nurses
Yeungnam University Medical Center goes beyond being the best in the region, toward becoming the best in the country
Always giving its best efforts in providing better medical services.
From check ups to treatment
No more complicated hospital environments
At Yeungnam University Medical Center everything is different and better.
Appointments, consultations, treatments, surgeries, are simplified,
With optimized scheduling services.
Smart-chekcup-reservation- system conveniently shortens waiting time,
A one stop medical service focused on the patient
AI based voice recognition smart phone reservation app services,
Will be remembered as the very first one of its kind in the country
Through a patient customized medical service design,
It will operate on behalf of patients,
For a healthy future, it goes beyond being just a mere medical treatment.
The one to be there for you in the difficult moments,
The one to walk beside you during rough times
A happy future based on trust and reliability
Along with our medical technology and services, We offer you health and well being
All that is possible with Yeungnam University Medical Center
The medical center with the highest customer satisfaction and well deserving of your trust.
Yeungnam University Medical Center