Experts in the center are trying their best to perform early diagnosis and prevention through precise examination and diagnosis using cutting-edge medical equipments and facilities, and lead to healthy lives.
With the pride as the first and the best, we feel the responsibility for the community health promotion.

Preparing for your exam

  • If you are, or suspect you might be, pregnant or have been taking medicine for any chronic disease, please tell us before the exam.
  • From 3 days before exam: Avoid drinking, overwork & overeating.
  • On the day before exam: Do not eat after 9 pm. and have an enough sleep.
  • On the days of exam:
    • a. Do not have breakfast, water, medicine and avoid chewing gum & smoking.

      (Light exercise and tooth brushing are permissible.)

    • b. Keep your valuables in the safety box provided by the hospital.