Introduction to hospital

Yeungnam University Medical Center1

Yeungnam University Medical Center2

Yeungnam University Medical Center3

Yeungnam University Medical Center is trying our best to provide professional medical services with around 2500 employees including 184 professors, 58 specialized doctors, 140 residents and 37 intern doctors.

First class of YUMC

1st class
Breast Cancer6 times
Stomach Cancer4 times
Infant, Toddler acute mesenteric antibioticHighest Grade
Liver CancerHighest Grade
Colorectal CancerHighest Grade
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease3 times
Evaluation of medical care QualitHighest Grade
Regional Emergency CenterHighest Grade
Hemodialysis5 times
The number Of Us-Army patientsHighest in non-capital area
Thyroid cancer robot SurgeryMore than 500 times
Pneumonia2 times
To be continued

Strength of YUMC

High Medical level compared to cost
The Shortest distance from Russia, East Asia
1/8 of medical cost compared to developed countries
30-50% lower cost compared to Seoul
Free Pick-Up Service
SCI-Class Research is 3rd place in Korea
State of the art Robotic Surgery
97% Re-progress rate High Patient’s Satisfaction
Appointment Payment Receipt
Treatment Consultation Examination
Surgery Hospitalization Discharge
Follow up care