Introduction to hospital

Yeungnam University Medical Center

Yeungnam University Medical Center is trying it best to provide the best medical services with about 2,200 employees including 183 professors, 51 specialized doctors, 142 professional doctors and 42 intern doctors.

"Hospital that conducted the most major cancer surgeries in Korea on 2006" In overall areas, Yeungnam University Medical Center becomes the best 20 medical organization in Korea. Established the fame as the representative medical institute in Yeungnam area.

cancer surgeries
Breast cancer 7th in the nation Thyroid cancer 8th
Liver cancer 10th Colon cancer 12th
Gastric cancer 16th Lung cancer 20th

Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service(An organization under the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) reported the number of major cancer surgeries in Korea based on the cancer operations in Korea from 2006 to February 2007. The higher chance of survival for the many numbers of surgeries has been reported throughout domestic and international literatures. Therefore, "number of surgeries" becomes the major criteria to determine the quality of treatment. According to this result, Yeungnam University Medical Center approves the competent medical treatment competency with major hospitals in Seoul area.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center in Yeungnam University Medical Center positioned 5th place as 10,000 cases for ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography) according to "Korean Medical Institute Surgery Guideline" on 2006

National Health Insurance Corporation(An organization under the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) reported the top 30 medical organizations with the most surgeries on top 30 diseases in Korea on 2006. ERCP cases of Yeungnam University Medical Center are noted as the fifth position in Korea. ERCP inserts tiny tube for endoscopy to duodenal area, and injects contrast media via duodenal papillary. It will investigate the shape of bile and pancreatic duct, and has been utilized to non-operative treatment for gallstone removal and cholangiocarcinoma.

Stroke Center in Yeungnam University Medical Center acquired grade A for overall 9 areas according to "Stroke" evaluation in 2005

Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs and Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service evaluated medical service for stroke patients in 187 nationwide hospitals on 2005 for treatment in appropriate time. Evaluation was conducted for record control for patient status, initial diagnosis and treatment, secondary prevention, etc. According to the result, Stroke Center in Yeungnam University Medical Center (YUMC) received grade A for 9 evaluation indices for the first time in Daegu area. Therefore, YUMC is known to have equivalent stroke treatment system in the major hospitals of Seoul area. Stroke Center in Yeungnam University Medical Center has been supplied the high quality medical service through institutionalizing "focused treatment for acute stroke" for quicker treatment on April 8, 2008.