International Health Service Center


The International Health Service (IHS) Center at Yeungnam University Medical Center (YUMC) has been supporting foreigners seeking for medical attention at the Yeungnam University Medical Center since Sep 6th, 2006. Yeungnam University Medical center is one of the most outstanding hospitals in Daegu, Korea. The medical center plays an important role as a leader in education, research, and clinical excellence. YUMC focuses on delivering high-quality, patient-oriented care as well as on assuring customer satisfaction. The International Health Service Center is ready to serve foreign residents and international visitors.

Kim, Tae Nyeun, MD
Yeungnam University Hospital

How to contact

    • To make an appointment, please call IHS center at ☏ 82-53-620-3500. All of our staffs who can speak both Korean and English are available to assist you over the phone between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm.
      Conveniently, you can also write an e-mail us to We will help you consult with YUMC doctors or medical specialists.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about appointment scheduling, treatment option in preferable physicians.
    • - The Business hours of IHS Center: 8:30am - 5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
    • - The Business hours of YUMC Specialty Clinic: 9:00a.m. -11:30a.m., 2:00p.m.- 4:30p.m. (Mon-Fri)
    • ∗ Please note that specialty clinic hours vary by department.
    • - By phone (coordinator): ☏ 82-53-620-3500
    • - By Phone (24-hour emergency): ☏ 82-010-4786-8001
    • - By fax: ☏ 82-053-640-6646
    • - By e-mail:
    • - By internet:
    • - Address: 170, Hyeonchung-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea (zip code: 42415)
    • YUMC emergency care center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The emergency care center, which is located on the first floor, can be reached by calling: ☏ 82-010-4786-8001.


The International Health Service Center aims to establish ‘One Stop Service System’ which will minimize your discomfort and maximize your satisfaction. Our coordinators are fluent in Korean and English, and are available to assist you. Devoted English speaking volunteers are also ready to guide and interpret for you. Our goal is to make patient's trip to YUMC easy and Satisfying by providing proper, comfortable and friendly services.

    • - Primary medical care service
    • - Routine physical follow up
    • - YUMC has 26 clinical departments and 13 specialized centers.
    • - YUMC has 959 bed facility with general, semi-private (2 patients), private (1 patient) and VIP rooms. Please ask IHS Center coordinator for actual room rates.
    • - Registered nurses with U.S. license are available to assist you.
    • - To improve our hospital services, we welcome your opinions. Please do not hesitate to speak to our coordinators, if you have any questions, complaints or compliments.
    • - We claim against Tricare Prime only for patients.


  • Food/Medical supplies
    • - A convenience store, a bakery & a medical supply shop are located on the 2nd floor.
    • - A coffee shop is located in the main lobby next to the outpatient pharmacy.
    • - Please be aware that in-patients are not allowed to enter the cafeteria due to risk of disease and infection.
  • Banking
    • - Daegu Bank is located on the 1st floor of the Yeongui-gwan building.
    • - ATM machines are available throughout the hospital.
  • Parking
    • - Free 4-hour parking is available to out-patients with their hospital ID cards or a receipt for services provided and paid for on that day.
    • - Free 24-hour parking is available to patients who had treatment at the Emergency care center.
    • - Free 8-hour parking is available to in-patients and their families on the days of admission, surgery and discharge.
    • - If parking for 10 minutes or less, parking is free. If parking for 30 minutes, parking is 800won. If parking for more than 30 minutes, parking is 300won for every 10 minutes.


    • - YUMC has a pay-in-advance policy for treatments, diagnostic tests and surgical procedures.
    • - For your convenience, YUMC accepts cash and credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, BC, American Express.
    • - English receipts will be provided for patients who need to file a claim to their medical insurance company.


  • 1) You must consult with a YUMC medical professional first in order to be prescribed medication.
  • 2) If you pay your bill at the payment desk, you can get your prescription. Go to the local pharmacies outside of this hospital with it and fill your prescription.
  • 3) In special cases, prescriptions can be filled at YUMC's outpatient pharmacy in the main lobby.
  • 4) Prescriptions should be filled within 7 days of the date of them being written. If not, you will have to return to YUMC to receive a new prescription at an extra charge.

City map

city map

Bukdaegu IC
North Daegu IC: Hall, toward the right direction as Sinchon (seobyeon South Road) → Apsan to circulate, City Hall, Kyungpook underpass in the direction of tapping (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, advanced net Cheers, Camp Walker, City Hall, Kyungpook National underpass in the direction of tapping (in Sinchon) → underground passage (in Sinchon) → High road (in Sinchon) → underground passage (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, Apsan Beltway, toward the underpass myeongdeokyeok (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, Apsan round, children's center, Camp Walker underpass in the direction (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, Apsan Beltway, the Daegu National Museum, Camp Walker underpass in the direction (in Sinchon) → Camp Walker, of alphabet hospital Junction, namchwong Area as the right direction (as bongdeok) → intersection of alphabet hospital, Daegu, per Banwol intersection, turn left toward the right direction → alphabet.'s Hospital → right (31 in the center of the road) → turn left → Yeungnam University Medical Center
Seodaegu IC
Seodaegu IC → Bible IC: jukjeondong towards the right direction (30 Highway) → Banwoldang: Intersection of alphabet Hospital, myeongdeokyeok the right direction toward (in the center) → right (29 in the center of the road) → right direction → turn left → Yeungnam University Medical Center
Seongseo IC
Seongseo Bangogae Junction: myeongdeokyeok, naedang intersection, turn right direction (as myeongdeok) → right (to 26 myeongdeok road) → turn left (in the 31 Central Road) → turn right → Yeungnam University Medical Center
Namdaegu IC
Namdaegu IC → dealers intersection, turn left onto dalseogucheong (as Wolgok) → U (to Wolgok) → West station, turn right onto Namdaegu IC (the Bible as Authority) → Apsan Junction: Introduction Market, Triangle Junction towards jwahwajeon (hyeonchungro ) → right → left → left → right → left side → Yeungnam University Medical Center
Dongdaegu IC
East Daegu IC → Town Hall, High Road toward the eastern station (hwarangro) → dongsingyo: Apsan Ring Road, turn left onto (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, Apsan Beltway, toward the underpass myeongdeokyeok (in Sinchon) → Qingdao, singing, Apsan Ring Road, Children Center, Camp Walker, in the direction of underpass (Sinchon as) → Inquire This hall namgucheong toward the underpass yeopgi (Sinchon as) → hope bridge south end of the intersection: alphabet.'s Hospital Junction, namgucheong toward the right direction (hope to) → alphabet.'s Hospital of sin rotation (in the center) → right (29 in the center of the road) → right direction → turn left → Yeungnam University Medical Center

Location for US Army

Location for US Army
YUMC is about 5minutes away from Camp Walker by car

Lobby map(1F)

lobby map

Main Building(Outpatient Pharmacy, Main Enterance, YRC), Respiratory Center(Food court, Enterance, International Health Service Center(IHSC))

  • Yeungnam University Medical Center
    • - International Health Service (IHS) Center
    • - Tel: 053-620-3500 / 010-4786-8001
    • - Fax: 053-640-6646
    • - Internet:
    • - E-mail:
    • - Address: 3170, Hyeonchung-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea (zip code: 42415)