Vic President for Medical Affairs and Director of Yeungnam University Medical Center

We will build a hospital with healthy a smile.

The Yeungnam University Medical Center was established in 1983 with the ideas of respecting human lives and philanthropy as top priorities. The Medical Center has been devoted to the healthy lives of community's residents for the last 41 years, and grown with love and trust from the community.

The Medical Center currently has over 959 beds, and conducts medical treatment and research with the highest technology. Our staffs with professional medical skill and respectable personality practice heartfelt medical treatment with the latest medical facilities and equipment. Based on this, we are doing our best to serve the patients, and be the best hospital in the community.

Every member of the Medical Center will make an effort to put smiles on our patients’ faces by upgraded facility, trustful, professional medical treatment and showing sincere and faithful attitude.

Vice President for Medical Affairs Yeungnam University
President & CEO of Yeungnam University Medical Center
Kim, Tae Nyeun