The Best Medical Institute in Yeungnam area, which establishes high-end medical center and thinks customer first.

President & CEO of Yeungnam University Medical Center

Thank you for your visiting web site of Yeungnam University Medical Center.

Since 1983, Yeungnam University Medical Center has been together with patients for 42 years under the basic philosophy of Respect of Life and the ideology that medical care realizes warm humanity, and we have grown as pivotal medical center thanks to attention and love of residents.

YUMC is always trying to do best for resident’s health with superior facilities and medical appliances, by introducing “The Best MRI, ‘MAGNETOM VIDA’”, “High-Tech and advanced SOMETOM FORCE CT”, and “Advanced Robot Surgery ‘DAVINCHI X’”.
Furthermore, We built truly the best cancer care system, by operating one-stop cancer clinic with state-of-the-art medical appliances, such as PET-MR(first introduced in Korea, integral type), Novalis TX, and Vital Beam(State-of-the-art cancer diagnosis device).

YUMC are operating medical center website with responsibility of “The best, reliable medical institution in Yeungnam area, with customer’s satisfaction”.

I hope that you will get helpful information in free and online space, and YUMC will try to do our best for reflecting every customer’s voice.

Thank you.

Vice President for Medical Affairs of Yeungnam University
President & CEO of Yeungnam University Medical Center
Jong-Yeon Kim, M.D., Ph.D