High-tech medical appliances

The Yeungnam Uiversity Medical Center has high-tech medical appliances, and provides best-level medical services.

Robotic surgery system 'da Vinci Si'

Three New technologies (Full Options) and Simulator

This allows the distinction of normal tissue and cancer tissue during the operation.
The tissue with cancerous cells show up in black and white, while normal tissue lights up in fluorescent green, allowing accurate visualization of the cancer margins.

Vessel Sealer

This new technology allows wrist movement of 50 degrees bending during robotic surgery, whereas for previous robotic surgery, the incisions or vessels were sealed using the laparoscope.
This allows the incision and dissection of tissues and blood vessels near the tumor, allowing for effective hemostasis and suturing within a short period of time. Reduced bleeding and pain

Suction Irrigator

The Wrist Function allows the surgeon to irrigate and suction deep and narrow areas without the help of the assistant that cannot be reached with the laparoscopes, while giving a wide field of 45 degrees, allowing safe and accurate surgery.

3D Screen Resolution of 1080 dpi 3D 1080dpi

Dual Console allows two surgeons to operate simultaneously Reduces operation time for patients who require multiple procedures from different surgical departments. The new technology allows accurate and delicate performance of difficult procedures. The new generation, advanced robotic surgical

equipment features

Single port robotic surgery system Esthetic Advantage : Minimizes surgical scars Reduced need for post-operative analgesics due to reduced pain


The revolution in cancer treatment triggered by YUMC.
Now, cancer patients meet the world's best radiation treatment technology in
Yeungnam University Medical Center in Korea
Radiosurgery without surgical knife
Treat the cancer of all over the body
Shaped-beam cancer treatment
Highly accurate treatment
Cyberknife+Helical Tomotherapy+
RapidArc Novalis offers a combination of the most advanced technologies of cancer treatment.

Novalis Radiosurgery delivers noninvasive cancer treatment.
Novalis-Tx is Meet the world's best radiation treatment machine that used all around the U.S.A. Novalis Radiosurgery is shaping cancer care, offering patients fast and effective treatment and greater access to advanced treatment options.

Novalis offer combined previous technologies (Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, RapidArc) that can help make significant clinical advancements in the fight against cancer Novalis extended the benefits of radiotherapy to other areas of the body, such as the lung, liver, prostate and spine, to improve and increase the range of patients' available treatment options.
All technologies in Novalis (3D conformal radiotherapy, IMRT, Respiratory management, Radiosurgery)

Millimeter Accuracy in One Minute Novalis Radiosurgery components shape the radiation beam to match the contour of the tumor or lesion, ensuring that the physician-prescribed dose of high-energy radiation is delivered to the entire tumor while helping to avoid nearby healthy tissue.
Advanced and automated software calculates fine dose calculation adaptive grid for even the smallest lesions.
High definition multi-leaf collimator delivers highly precise dose conformality than Tomotherapy or Cyberknife.
Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery offers exclusive shaped-beam radiation that matches to the shape of the tumor, so even irregularly shaped tumors receive the prescribed treatment.

Real time Motion Management for Advanced Targeting and ·Localization Four dimensional radiotherapy Lung/Liver tumors may be movable with patient's respiration.
Novalis Radiosurgery gates the treatment beam to breathing and other body movements to continuously maintain complete and accurate dose delivery. The lung gating technique using RPM system pauses radiation delivery until the tumor is in the optimal position, sparing normal tissue.
Real-time detection and compensation of tumor motion

Surgery Through Radiosurgery No pain, No incision, No transfusion Novalis Radiosurgery, covering every aspect of neurosurgery today. (Primary brain tumor, metastatic brain tumor, AVM, trigeminal neuralgia, etc) Novalis will continue to evolve beyond tumor control to better preserve function and enhance quality of life.
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for non operable early-stage lung cancer is becoming the standard of care. Novalis Radiosurgery software tools and accurate dose calculations allow for better targeting of tumors, while providing motion management for precise dose delivery. Also, metastatic lung cancer, liver cancer, spine tumors, head & neck tumors could be indication of radiosurgery.

Gine angio (Allura Xper FD10)

Allura Xper FD10 is the latest cardiac angiography equipment from Philips(Nethelands). It enables the diagnosis and treatment of the coronary artery diseases easier, and decreases the radiation exposure on patients by using innovative

Image Guided Radiation Therapy Unit

It is to improve the accuracy in radiation therapy by automated image-guided patient setup and correct the setup error by robotic couch movement. It prevents unnecessary exposure of radiation to normal tissues, and improves

MRI (Intera 1.5T)

By using the shortest magnet in the world, it helps claustrophobia patients, and makes it possible get stronger signals and image data. As time to obtain images with SENSE technique is decrease, work efficiency and convenience can be maximized.

16slice CT / MX 8000

As the quantity of information is 16 times of the amount of the existing single slice, it can take the image of heart and special part that have been hard to take till now, and minimizes the inconvenience when taking the image of patients who move a lot or have difficulty in stop

The 4th Generation External Shock Wave Lithotripter (ESWL)

This is the latest equipment for urinary tract calculus treatment (EDAP T.N.S.. France, Sondith Praktis), and we achieve effective treatment results.

Fusion PET CT

It shows the image of biochemical change in various kinds of cells. It is high-tech equipment that is excellent at diagnosing early stage of cancer and deciding prognosis.

Electronic Anesthesia Apparatus

Electronic anesthesia apparatus has a compact body compared to mechanical type, integrated and electronic gas mixture function to control the accurate ratio of mixture. It has strengthened inspecting function that can monitor lung function.

Optical Coherence tomography

It is essential to diagnose ocular disease such as retinal diseases and glaucoma etc., by providing excellent 2-dimension cross-sectional images of retinal layer and optic nerves

Gamma Camera

VG-Hawkeye is the existing SPECT with CT, and it was introduced for the first time at Yeungnam University Medical Center in Korea. It provides more accurate information by obtaining anatomic images of CT when executing Myocardial perfusion tomography, bone

Excimer Laser STAR S4 Active TRAKTM

ASA(Advanced Surface Ablation) using the latest excimer laser system of VISX is a very safe and effective procedure in keratrorefractive surgery. It also avoids serious flap-

Exercise Stress Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tester (Vmax 229 Sensor Medics)

Patients can perform the test by exercising on the bicycle or treadmill connected with the machine. It has a merit that the overall exercising ability of integrating cardiopulmonary

MUSE cardiology Information System

A MUSE system, as a part of process of hospital digitalization, records, maintains, and integrates electrocardiographic data of patients semipermanently.

(Updated Aug 3, 2018)